San Diego � Americans spend billions of dollars every year on weight loss products and services while $93 billion per year goes to treat the heath problems of people who are overweight. With a large percentage of all Americans overweight or obese, a leading health and fitness expert is urging Americans to GET REAL.

�When I began studying weight management, I had always assumed anyone could lose or maintain weight with enough exercise and appropriate diet. I was working off a strict �calories-in/calories burned� model. But my clients often just �weight cycled,� quickly regaining the pounds they�d lost and more. It finally struck me that something was missing and that the key lies in lifestyle issues,� says Daniel Kosich, PhD.

The realization of the powerful link between emotional health and body weight gave birth to Dr. Kosich�s groundbreaking book, GET REAL: A Personal Guide to Real-Life Weight Management. While most weight management books focus on diet and, to a lesser degree, exercise, GET REAL�s central tenet is that successful weight management begins with attitude � not self-defeating attitudes like denial, frustration and despair, but self-acceptance, self-esteem and a positive body image.

�Think of regular activity, healthy eating and positive attitude as the legs of a three-legged stool,� says Dr. Kosich. �If one leg is longer or shorter than the others, the stool doesn�t balance. And if one leg is missing, the entire stool topples over. But if you can consistently balance these three healthy activities, you can win the weight management battle for life.�

GET REAL: A Personal Guide to Real-Life Weight Management is published by IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the world's leading membership organization fitness professionals, and serves as a weight management program for the YMCA of the USA.

The GET REAL philosophy also emphasizes what Dr. Kosich terms the �80/20 Principle.� Eat what you know you should 80% of the time and leave 20% for acknowledging and accepting that you are not perfect. That way you won�t set yourself up for feeling guilty or testing your willpower against cravings for foods you don�t need much of.

�People, especially young women, become obsessed with a certain body image, weight goal or dress size,� says Dr. Kosich. �But what�s most important is that a person determine and reach a weight that�s healthy for them. Not a number from a simplistic height/weight chart. Not something they�ve read in a magazine. But a healthy weight they can achieve and maintain.�


Dr. Kosich recommends weight-conscious individuals keep these thoughts in mind:

� You might be at your healthy weight right now!

� You should focus on taking care of yourself today, not achieving some future weight goal.

� There�s no rush. Maximum effective weight loss is about one pound a week.

� Develop a positive body image and achieve a healthy self-esteem.

� Make informed nutritional choices and eat sensibly and intelligently.

�Think about where you want to be in 10 years. It�s not what you do for the next 10 weeks, or even 10 months, that determines where you�ll be in 10 years. It�s what you do for the next 10 years that counts,� Dr. Kosich says.

GET REAL: A Personal Guide To Real-Life Management can be purchased by calling IDEA at (800) 999-4332, ext. 7. Or it may be purchased online at GET REAL includes a series of question and answer exercises that focus on strengthening self-image and clarifying personal values in order to set a strong foundation for change. GET REAL is also available with a companion Teacher's Guide which provides more than 50 key lesson points, 10 sample sessions for one-to-one use, plus a six-week syllabus for working with a group weight management class.

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