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TRX Suspension Training: Make Your Body Your Machine

Our Totally Private Facilities are located in Northern Bergen County (Ridgewood area). We offer our clients the opportunity for a creative, fun and comprehensive approach to fitness. We believe that fitness must always be interesting and challenging and ready to change to suit your changing needs. Therefore, it should never become boring or repetitive. Options include, but are not limited to:

Personal Training:

We provide one-on-one private or semi-private sessions in our beautiful, private gym or at your home. All training sessions conducted by certified, personal trainers. Sessions emphasize cardiovascular work, strength equipment, free weights, pool workouts, flexibility training, physio ball, sports specific methods and more. After a free consultation, a program will be designed that suits your specific needs based on age, fitness level, interests and health needs.


Workouts utilize Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Mat. In addition, we use Bosu, Rollers, Stability Balls, Bands and Tubes.

Small Group Training:

Enjoy the fun and camaraderie of a fitness class with the personal attention you need to succeed.

  • Never more than three in a group
  • All the benefits of working with a private trainer, minus the cost
  • Certified and experienced instructors
  • We will accommodate group requests Choose from Barre (Bar) workouts, TRX Core Training, Mat Pilates, Bosu, Myofascial Release (Rollers & Balls), Boot Camp and more!

    Express Workouts:

    30 minutes workouts, 2-4 people, done before work, during lunchtime, after work or whenever your group would like to train. Quick, economical and FUN!

    TRX Core Training:

    Suspension Training - The newest innovation in core training, Using only your body weight in innovative new ways. Appropriate for all levels of fitness, plus it is different and fun.

    Foam Roller:

    Relieve your muscle "knots"; myofascial release (mfr) Gentle pressure applied to assist in releasing muscle pain. The benefits are more flexibility, less injury and faster recovery from workouts. As an extra bonus, we´┐Żll do core and strength training exercises on the foam roller. Appropriate for all levels of fitness (some matwork included).